Sunday, July 31, 2011

embrace your inner NeRd!

I'm sitting on the couch recouping from the flu, and I can't help but wonder how another summer flew by so fast!  I officially head back to work this Thursday, and although I didn't jet across the country to a fabulous destination, I enjoyed plenty of pool time, evenings on the deck with great friends, a couple trips to visit the fam in KC, lots of books, and feeding my latest addiction, Twitter.

Why do I love Twitter?  It can't be the 140 character limit--I'm WAY to wordy!  What has me hooked is the limitless information at my fingertips.  Yes folks, Twitter is my nerdy playground for professional development.  Most of the people I follow tweet great information about education.  This is how I learn--I've read countless articles this summer about libraries, technology in the classroom, and much more. 

I admit that I'm behind.  I should have caught the Twitter buzz a long time ago.  However, I'm making up for lost time by reading as many tweets as possible.  I can't stop.  I'm addicted.

If you don't believe me, check out what these other smarty pants have to say about Twitter for Educators!  This article shows you how to get started on Twitter.  Cris Betcher's post about Twitter leaves you with lots to think about.  Finally, Steven Anderson's Livebinder is chalk full of Twitter ideas for educators.

Hope you become addicted to Twitter like me.  Feel free to follow me @jenn_stuck!

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