Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarge, Smells, Starbucks, & Storms

I discovered last night that the title of your blog post can either make or break you, because more people read last night's post than any other post.  Either it was the title or word is starting to spread like wildfire that this blog is a fun one.  Ha ha--couldn't resist.

I have to admit that I have a pretty cool Grandma.  At some point when I was a kid, Grandpa gave her the nickname of Sarge.  It totally fits Gran.  She's one of those people who gets things done her way.  She means business.  Today Sarge was a blessing--she came to help me pack my classroom.  She didn't even bat an eyelash when she walked in and saw my stuff EVERYWHERE.  She packed all my books in about 15 minutes and then started scrubbing my empty baskets.  FYI--it was no fun, but she plugged away without complaining.  Gran is like that though.  She knows a lot about almost every topic under the sun.  She asked lots of questions about my new job, and by the end of the day, she was itching to get into the library to see what it looks like.  I know she's already planning how to help me decorate.  That's our "thing"--Gran LOVES coming to help me set up my classroom for school...only this year she has a bigger canvas to work with.  Can't wait to take her to my new school and let her work her magic.  Here she is below packing a box.  Look at her go!

Yes, I can proudly say that Grandma got SEVERAL boxes packed, and here's the proof:

Can you tell that the title for tonight's blog is the letter S?  I'm a nut when it comes to themes.  I believe that themes make everything in life a lot more fun!  Well, in sticking with the S theme, let me tell you about my smelly car.  Sunday when we got home from the lake I left my windows down so my car wouldn't smell like the lake...but forgot to roll them up.  Sunday night it rained, and when I went out yesterday morning, my seats were soaking wet.  They dried during the day, but this morning I was greeted to the most disgusting smell when I opened the doors of Jimmy Wayne (yes, my car is named Jimmy Wayne).  It smelled like something died in my car.  YUCK!  I kept my windows down all day, but that didn't help.  I'm going to have to google "How to get the stench out of your car seats" or something because it isn't pleasant riding in Jimmy Wayne right now.

Shout out to Starbucks tonight!!  Besides making the yummiest beverages in the world, I also discovered (thanks to Dad & Julie) that they bag up coffee grounds and give them to people to put on their flowers.  Hopefully this magic fertilizer will help my flowers keep blooming--especially my daisies.  Check them out--they're going to bloom any day.  Wahoo!  I'm a proud flower mama!!  By the way, did you know there's a great love song about Starbucks?  Check out "Taylor the Latte Boy" sung by the great Kristin Chenoweth.  I'm still searching for my Taylor!

Go figure...I choose the letter S as a theme for my blog and now it's storming.  Nothing in JC yet, but my fam bam in Cow Town just got slammed by softball size hail.  I'm not even kidding you--I didn't make that up just so it would go with the theme!  Saying prayers for everyone in the storm's path.  STAY SAFE!!

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