Tuesday, June 14, 2011

best. job. ever.

Today I had one of those stand on a mountain and sing at the top of your lungs moments.  No, I didn't travel to the Alps, but to the library at my new school.  I thought about unpacking my boxes for about 30 seconds, but couldn't focus on anything except for the books.  I was surrounded by them.  After standing there and taking it all in, I heard those books talking to me.  "Pssssttt.  Jenn.  Come here.  It's okay.  You can unpack another day.  Come read me!!"  I was powerless at that point.  I HAD to start looking at our book collection.  It felt like a kid on Christmas morning.  I can't think of any other profession where your entire classroom is a library and every student is "your" student.  At one point I stood in the middle of the library, put my arms out, and spun around just like Julie Andrews does at the beginning of "The Sound of Music." 

Yes folks, I realize life as a librarian isn't all unicorns and glitter, but I just want to stay on cloud 9 for a little while longer.  Obviously I have LOTS to learn about the day to day functions of running a library, but right now I'm ok not knowing everything.  Sometimes it's better not knowing the full gravity of a situation all in one sitting.  I'm grateful that there are many supportive people who have offered to help in whatever way possible.

What do you do when you work in a library?  You bring home books to read.  Duh!  After spending 3 hours in the school library, I walked into my apartment carrying 6 issues of School Library Journal, 3 teacher reference books about reading strategies, and 2 William Allen White award nominees.  Something tells me this is going to be the best job EVER!!

Even though my birthday isn't until June 17, I'm continuing my week-long birthday celebration, and today's moment was dinner at Freddy's (compliments of a birthday gift card I received today).  What a perfect way to end a perfect day!!

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