Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Truth About Poop

This title caught your attention, didn't it?!?  Poop is just one of those taboo topics that most people don't discuss.  But, a couple years ago I bought The Truth About Poop by Susan Goodman.  This is one of the most engaging, educational books that I've ever read.  Goodman uses a sense of humor to address the topic of feces in a tasteful manner.  Ok, maybe the words feces and tasteful shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence...Another Goodman book my cherubs love is Gee Whiz! It's All About Pee.  Both books are a must-have for any teacher, and were the hottest books in my classroom library.  I also stumbled upon Goodman's blog, I.N.K. (Interesting Nonfiction for Kids).  I can't wait to check out some of the books she recommends on this blog!

Speaking of poop--I'm really annoyed with the darn pigeons pooping on my flowers!  Lots of people have offered ideas for getting rid of the pigeons, but the problem is that the spot where they sit is up really high--higher than any ladder will reach.  Check it out.

I think the easiest thing to do is just shoot them with a BB gun (scare them--not kill them), but I'm not sure that's legal.  My sister Emily reminded me this weekend of Mo Willems' books with a pigeon as the main character.  The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog is my favorite Willems book.  That got me thinking about how weird it is that there are books I enjoy that are about animals I hate.  Another favorite book of mine is Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt...and squirrels are my LEAST favorite animals on the planet!

Ok, you've figured out that the theme for this blog post is actually books--not poop.  Today my roomie and I went to the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library to sign up for their summer reading program for adults.  Thanks to my friend Kathy for telling us about this program.  The part that enticed me was that the program has a theme: "Novel Destinations."  Not that either one of us needed inspiration for checking out books, but some of my happiest memories as a kid include the summer reading program.  It was great coming home and curling up with a great book this afternoon--although it's been hard to put the book down!

Hopefully you have books on the brain after reading this.  Now, go forth and READ!!  By the way, I'm always up for a good book suggestion, so let me know if you have any books I should add to my summer reading list!

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