Thursday, October 20, 2011

birthday luncheon!!

Today I was on cloud 9 and felt like a celebrity because I got to be the Special Guest at our birthdays with the principal luncheon.  Since the principal was gone, I got to "fill in" for her.  Talk about a dream come true!!

The set-up alone is enough to make any kid feel special.  We have 2 large tables on the stage for the luncheon, and our crafty Parent Resource Coordinator lines the tables with jumbo cupcake placemats that she designed.  My description doesn't even begin to do the table justice.  All of the students love the special cupcake they get to enjoy after they eat lunch (and I loved it too)!

During morning announcements, students were told that there would be a special guest at the birthday luncheon today.  They were talking about ME!  I was so excited that I could hardly wait for 11:50.  When the time finally rolled around, I was tempted to wear my tiara--but decided this lunch wasn't all about me.  When the Kindergarten classes came in the gym, several kiddos started yelling, "Miss Stuck!!" while pointing and waving.  I just smiled and waved.  5 and 6 year olds make me happy because they LOVE everything about the world!  Each grade level that filed in also waved and smiled.  Yep, I definitely felt like a rock star!  I commented to each birthday group how fun it was to sit on the stage because "you can see everyone in the lunchroom!"  A first grade boy said, "It's like you're up in the castle!"  Later a fifth grade girl said, "It's like being a princess!  You need your tiara on!"

We had lots of fun conversations throughout lunch.  It was hard for me to enforce the whole "you need to concentrate on eating and not talking so much" idea because I couldn't even stop talking!  The best conversations involved Halloween costume ideas, and the kiddos loved describing their costumes.  I then asked what costume they thought I should create, and here are a couple of my favorite requests.  Thank goodness I had a pencil and paper with me to record their thoughts because they are priceless!

2nd grade boy:
"You like glitter right?"  -student
"I love glitter!"  -me
"Well, why don't you be a glitter princess?  You can get a dress and pour glue on it and then sprinkle glitter all over it!"  -student

2nd grade girl:
"How about you dress up as Ms. L" (our principal).  -student
"That would be fun, but what would I wear?"  -me
"I don't know...principal clothes."  -student

"You should dress up as Queen Elizabeth since you're so big!"  -second grade girl
I wasn't quite sure how to take this suggestion...don't think she meant anything mean when she called me big!

Other costume suggestions that made my "super fun" list include The Tooth Fairy, iCarly, Princess Peach, a bag of pretzels, a candy princess, a can of Mt. Dew, and a diamond.  Kids are so darn creative!

Found out I have a LOT in common with a 4th grader and 5th grader toward the end of lunch.  Here's how that convo went:

"Miss Stuck, do you know the best way to eat pizza?  By dipping it in ranch dressing!"  -5th grader
"Ranch makes EVERYTHING taste better."  -4th grade student
"I totally agree with you!"  -me

Every day is filled with lots of moments that bring a smile to my face, but being the special guest at the birthday luncheon is definitely high up on my "must do again" list.  Is it bad for me to hope the principal has to be gone some other month on birthday luncheon day?  Because I would LOVE to fill in again for her!!

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