Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bill Snyder's #1 fan

I boldly tell anyone who will listen that I'm stalking Coach Bill Snyder.  I can't help it.  There is no greater coach in college football history.  Period.  He's seriously like the Yoda of coaches, and has earned the respect of players, other coaches, the media, and the entire Wildcat Nation.  Here's what other people have to say about Coach:
  • "He isn't the coach of the year, and he isn't the coach of the decade.  He's the coach of the century."  -Barry Switzer
  • "He was the coach of the last century, and may be the coach of this century if they keep going like this."  -Brent Musburger (10/15/2011)
  • "Bringing back Bill Snyder was absolutely the right move, and at a young 72 years of age, Snyder could coach for 10-15 more years, God-willing.  With a highway to Manhattan named after him, and the stadium the Wildcats play in bearing his name, it's obvious that Bill Snyder has marked his place in history at Kansas State.  Can he do it again?  Who knows.  But the team, fans, and students believe in Kansas State football again, and that's a heck of a start."  -Mike Stanley (10/13/2011)

I don't just like Coach when he's winning.  I like him because of what he stands for as a person and a coach.  I like him for the message he sends to players about football and more importantly, about life.  Here's my favorite tweet he posted:

While "stalking Bill" has become a joke among my friends, it may seem a little creepy to those who don't know me.  No, I don't wait outside Vanier Football Complex every day hoping to get a glimpse of Bill.  I don't follow him into Hyvee for an autograph.  I'm not that bad.  But, I do take a picture of him at every home game (or enlist friends to take pics of him if I don't have tickets to a certain game).  And I yell BILL!!! every time they show him on tv.  One of my proudest moments as a Wildcat came just a couple months ago when I got Bill's autograph and had my pic taken with him at Fan Appreciation Day.  I actually had met him once before at the KSDE conference a few years ago, but that wasn't a place I could squeal and jump up and down with excitement when I met him.

Maybe "stalking Bill" is a little too creepy.  Instead, I'll just go ahead and call myself a Bill Snyder Super Fan. Coach Snyder, if you're reading this, please choose me to be your "cord carrier" for just one game.  I promise I won't talk to you...ok, I'll try really hard not to talk to you.  That would be a dream come true for this Snyder Super Fan!!

Ok, I would probably be remiss if I didn't mention K-State's #12 ranking in the AP poll!  Not bad considering they were picked to finish close to the bottom in the Big 12 preseason poll.  Plus, the Cats headed into their last 4 games as underdogs.  Check out this ESPN article called Surprising K-State up to 12th in AP poll (BH, thanks for posting this article on FB).  Coach Snyder makes me proud to be a member of the Wildcat Nation!  EMAW!!

Love this new welcome screen at!

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