Tuesday, September 27, 2011

overheard in the library...

Sometimes there are conversations that are too priceless not to share.  Here are a few convos we've had in the library the past 2 days:

Convo #1 happened with a 4th grade boy yesterday
"Miss Stuck, can you please help me find a book?"  -student
"Sure.  What are you looking for?"  -me
"I want a tornado book."  -student
"Ok.  Those are..." -me
(interrupting) "I looked at all of those but I didn't find anything I liked."  -student
"Well, friend, those are the only weather books we have.  Can I show you my favorite?  I can't get other weather books right this second."  -me
"Why not?  You're a princess, right?!?"  -student

Convo #2 happened in my reading group this morning (with 1st and 2nd graders).  We were brainstorming ideas for a story about a place we've visited.  I was modeling a story about visiting my sister's house.  As I was making my bulleted list, here's the conversation that occurred:
"Ok, I need to tell you a secret that most kiddos at this school don't know.  I am a HUGE Justin Bieber fan!  I love his music!!"  -me
(dead silence as the kiddos tried to figure out if I was for real)
"I know most Bieber songs.  In fact, if I can't be a princess when I grow up, then I want to be a back-up singer and dancer for Justin Bieber.  I already have a sparkly microphone."  -me
"Really?!?  I love Justin Bieber!!"  -student
Then they all burst out in laughter trying to picture me singing and dancing with the Biebs.

Convo #3 happened with a 5th grade boy today (his class was in the library researching facts for a project)
"Miss Stuck, I'm done coloring my states."  - student (one of the requirements by the teacher)
"Great work.  Now which website do you want to explore?"  -me
"Well, can I have some glitter to put on my map?"  -student
"Friend, I'm pretty sure you don't need glitter in order to get full credit for your map."  -me
30 minutes later...
"Hey Miss Stuck, maybe I can get extra credit if I have glitter on my map!!"  -student
I like the way this kid thinks!

I have to do a better job recording fun conversations with kiddos because they're priceless!!

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