Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Most Annoying People on FB

The Most Annoying People on Facebook award goes to:

The Mysterious Friend
This is the person that posts status updates in "code."  Why does the MF do this?  The only answer I can think of is to get people to ask more questions.  Seriously.  Just tell us what you're really thinking so we can all move on with our lives!  I don't have time to connect the dots.  If you don't want everyone to know what your "the duck flies at midnight" status really means, then don't POST it!!

Random side bar: I'm guilty of posting "The duck flies at midnight" onto my sister's fb wall a few times.  It gives both of us a good laugh and she knows exactly what I mean.  But, I'm not posting it as a status update that leaves everyone else wondering what in the world I'm talking about...

Whiney Mama
We all have one of these friends.  Every other post is about how horrible her kids are with descriptions that make you think little demons are running amuck in her house.  Really?!?  I wonder what Whiney Mama's kids would be like if she devoted the time she spends griping about them on Facebook to reading with them or playing games with them instead...

I'm Gonna Die
Add people who complain about their health to my Most Annoying list.  We're all human, and it's ok to occasionally curse the cold or flu bug on fb.  But the people who have to let us know every time they have a hang nail, runny nose, or are a little tired should really rethink their mindset.  I know people battling cancer who NEVER complain about their health on fb.  Why do other people have to tell us weekly about their latest ailments?!?

I already vented my frustration about fb stalkers last week in this post.

While not as frequent, I've encountered a few of these folks on fb.  They are the ones who leave a comment on your status update or photo that makes absolutely NO sense to you or anyone else on the planet.  How do you respond to these posts?  Ask them what they're smoking?  Delete their comment?  Shake your head and move on with life?  I don't have the right answer...

Sick and Wrong
These are the people who feel inclined to give you EVERY detail about bodily functions.  Telling me you have the flu gives me a pretty good mind movie about your condition.  I don't need you to discuss your vomit and raging diarrhea in great detail.  Sinus infection?  Yep, I've had one.  But I don't go around posting about the abundance of brownish-yellow thick snot coming out of my nose!  We get it.  We can all empathize with you without having to hear every gory issue you're facing!

My Life Sucks Worse Than Yours!
Had a bad day?  It doesn't matter with this friend around--he will ALWAYS have something worse that happened to him today.  He scrolls through status updates and has a story to top others.  Sometimes I think this crazy cat looks for drama so people will give him the "sucks to be you" pat on the back.  Why can't I just have a bad day without someone trying to one up me?!?

Unicorns and Glitter
Ok, if I'm pointing out people who drive me nuts on fb, I might as well admit my own flaws.  Yes, I fall into the Unicorns and Glitter category--the people who seem to be upbeat in 99% of status updates.  Do you ever just want to hit those people and tell them that no one can be happy all the time?!?  That's how I feel about some people every once in a blue moon.  But, if you look at a majority of my status updates, I'm living in fairy land with some of these perky people and I'm sure others wonder how my life can always be this happy.  My life isn't always this happy.  I just choose to focus on the positives in my status updates.

You know what?  We're probably all guilty of annoying behaviors on fb at least once in our lives.  That's ok.  Just don't be a repeat offender in one of the categories listed above!  In the mean time, I'll do my best to simmer down some of my happy status updates...

Here's another great article by CNN worth reading--The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers.  Do you fall into any of their categories?

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