Friday, December 23, 2011

memorable quotes from The Help

Today I finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  It sparked tons of emotion as I read.  I laughed.  I cried.  I rolled my eyes.  I groaned out loud.  And, when I finally got to the part about the Terrible Awful Thing, I almost gagged--but quickly laughed thinking about how sweet revenge really is.

Here are a few quotes from the book that I highlighted as I was reading (another reason I love my iBooks app):

"Cause that's the way prayer do.  It's like electricity, it keeps things going."  
I couldn't agree more!

"But Miss Celia, the way she stares at me with those big eyes like I'm the best thing since hairspray in the can..."
I always thought "the best thing since sliced bread" was a fun expression but never really got it--I've had sliced bread all my life!  I'm totally stealing "the best thing since hairspray in the can" and using it!!  Love it!

"Ugly live up on the inside.  Ugly be a hurtful, mean person."
I had a 5th grader who once said, "God don't like ugly."  Agreed!

"All my life I'd been told what to believe about politics, coloreds, being a girl.  But with Constantine's thumb pressed in my hand, I realized I actually had a choice in what I could believe."
I have one of those people in my life.  She's had a huge impact on the way I think about the world and the way I think about myself.  She's truly an angel.  I hope everyone has someone like this in their life!

"Every afternoon, I tell her:  You kind, you smart, you important."
Something every one of us should do for kids!

"Saying thank you, when you really mean it, when you remember what someone done for you--it's so good."
What a great reminder for me to thank the people--from the little things people do to the people who have made a difference in my life--and everyone in between!

"That's what I love about Aibileen, she can take the most complicated things in life and wrap them up so small and simple, they'll fit right in your pocket."
Sounds like the description of an amazing teacher!

I LOVE how Aibileen writes her prayers, and my favorite is Show me how to teach Baby Girl to be kind, to love herself; to love others, whil I got time with her..."

If you haven't read The Help, hit up your local library and check it out!  And, if you decide to join a book club, check out this fun Book Club Kit, which includes great recipes and book discussion questions!

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