Saturday, March 23, 2013


Have you ever had one of those "wham bam, thank you mam" moments that hit you out of nowhere while listening to a song?  That happened to me yesterday when the song "Blessings" by Laura Story was blaring on my Spotify app.  I've heard that song plenty of times, but for some reason it hit me in a different way.  THAT's the Holy Spirit at work in me!

The first part of the chorus really made me think.  How many times in my life would I consider raindrops to be blessings?  I can definitely relate to healing coming through tears--I've shed plenty of those in my lifetime!  Then the next sentence resonated in me.  How many nights have I tossed and turned worried about something?  Too many to count!  But, now that I have God in my life, I've realized how much calmer I am once I take those worries to Him.

So there I was singing my heart out to Laura's song, and I had to pause and think about the chorus.  Then I hit play again and listened a little more closely to the rest of the lyrics.  Once again, the very last verse of the song spoke to my heart.

I recently experienced a trial in life.  Well, compared to what some people have to deal with, it's merely a hangnail.  But to me it was a HUGE trial.  I had my path in life planned, prayed about it, thought I was on the same page with God, and then He quickly steered me in a different direction.  I even let the devil jump in my head and fill my thoughts with bitterness toward God.  After 2 days--thanks to the love, support, prayers, and wise words from a few friends--God's voice was able to drown out the devil's voice.  I was reminded to TRUST God's plan for me.  That's an easier pill to swallow when I'm not wallowing away in my misery calm and thinking rationally.  One of my dear friends told me that God may have been saving me from heartache.  Definitely a mercy in disguise--only I was to stubborn to realize it at the time.

This song has got me thinking about what I consider to be blessings.  I also realized I don't thank God nearly enough for all the blessings in my life.  I'm quick to turn to him when things aren't going my way, yet not so fast to thank him.  With fierce determination, I'm making it my goal to stop and thank God for even the smallest blessings.

If you haven't heard Laura Story's song "Blessings," check it out below.

I also found her story behind the song on YouTube.  Powerful!

What about you?  Have YOU thanked God for all the blessings in YOUR life today?  If not, take a moment to do that now!

Random sidebar: I didn't copy these pictures from anyone.  I saved clip art, uploaded it to Pixlr express, and added the words.  So, if you want to swipe the pics, feel free to steal them!  I'm happy to share!

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